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Capitalism in Africa

Kenya and the rise of the financial inclusion delusion

In a major exposé of the ‘fintech revolution’ in Africa, Milford Bateman and Fernando Amorim Teixeira write that the investor-driven fintech model is nothing less than a 'digitalised' extension of the earlier colonial-imperialist 'extractivist' models that enabled the western nations to appropriate Africa's natural resource wealth to fund their own economic prosperity.

Development is capitalist development – violent, coercive and brutal

Graham Harrison argues that all development is capitalist development. Based on his recent book, Developmentalism, he argues that development is not only risky and likely to fail but also very unpleasant. Contemporary notions of development see it is as a stable, incremental, and positive process but this is a fantasy in which capitalist development is reimagined as a planned, inclusive, and socially just modernisation.