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ROAPE is committed to supporting radical and progressive movements on the continent. We support popular and democratic movements and individuals who have been targeted by authoritarian and oppressive measures. Here we provide information about campaigns on the continent and how we can build practical solidarity.

Reclaim Economic and Monetary Sovereignty

This open letter calls for economic and monetary sovereignty in Africa and implementing an alternative, radical economic development model on the continent. These demands for deep structural reforms are urgent for the continent’s development and to strengthen the resilience of societies in the face of the pandemic. We call on our readers to sign the letter.

Nigerian Trade Union Leader Murdered

The killing of the Nigerian trade unionist, Alex Ogbu, emerges from a clear strategy of shoot to kill against the opponents of the Buhari regime. Since the fall of the price of oil, which provides the main income for the government, poverty has increased in Nigeria, and the poor face an increasingly violent and brutal regime.

Egyptian Researcher Arrested and Detained

Gender and Human Rights Researcher Patrick George Zaki was arrested at Cairo airport, tortured and placed in detention.

Stop Collaboration with Egypt’s Military Regime

Egypt’s military regime wants to use collaboration with UK universities to provide cover to a deeply repressive human rights record. The credibility of UK universities helps to hide the constant abuse of academic freedoms in Egypt. ROAPE urges our readers to support the campaign against this collusion.

Striking Back!

In a passionate defence of the strike action of university workers in the UK, ROAPE’s Rama Salla Dieng describes the intolerable pressures on teaching staff and the gender and ethnic inequalities within the academy. Dieng writes, ‘We are on strike to resist the marketisation of our knowledge and lives, and to build radical solidarities with our students.’