Communists and Decolonisation in Africa – Call for Papers

A unique initiative by the Gramsci Foundation calls for researchers to present research on the history and politics of communist parties from all over the world and their relationship with African movements.

Recent years have seen a proliferation of studies on the relations between the communist movement and anti-colonial liberation movements, on the encounters between the ‘socialist camp’ and the Third World, and more generally on communism’s influence on decolonisation and the formation of the postcolonial world. These studies have adopted global- and international-history perspectives which are ever less confined to the classic themes of debates within the Comintern or Soviet strategies during the Cold War. In particular, the use of a transnational approach directed at reconstructing the connections and influences that developed in parallel to the more visible and traditional relations of communist internationalism appears to be becoming ever more relevant.

This conference seeks to make a fresh contribution to these new historiographical developments, proposing an examination of the communists who were active within the imperial and post-imperial spaces.

Abstract submissions due by 30 April. If your paper is accepted your travel and accommodation costs to Rome will be covered by the conference organisers. For more information see the official call for papers here.

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