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Climate Emergency

ROAPE special issue – The climate emergency in Africa: crisis, solutions, and resistance

ROAPE is excited to announce a call for contributions for a special journal issue on the climate crisis and its disproportionate impact on the African continent. In this special issue, titled ‘The climate emergency in Africa: crisis, solutions and resistance’, we aim to underscore the urgency of current conditions, the roots of the crisis, and debates over solutions, highlighting the resistance of those struggling for climate justice.

Playing the Ostrich – COP27 in Egypt

Radical climate activist Nnimmo Bassey asks why the COP is playing the ostrich and burying its head in the sand in not accepting that fossil fuels are burning the planet? How come everyone knows that up to 85 percent of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere emerged from the burning of fossil fuels but the COP ignores this truth? Having witnessed COP27 first-hand, Bassey writes how the event was a huge carbon trade fair for the fossil fuels lobby.