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ROAPE is involved in a number of projects, collaborations and publications. This page provides details of these projects and initiatives. We welcome input on these areas of the journal.

Popular Protest and Class Struggle Across the Continent

This debate is concerned to document and analyse popular protest and direct action on the continent, both as it happens, as a regular feature (that will be available on roape.net) as well as charting broader patterns and trends in popular protest over recent decades.

Broadly the debate considers the relationship between working class struggle and popular protest in Africa over the last ten years as we chart the development of protest movements across the continent. The debate focuses on a broader array of popular forces that challenge not only immediate austerity and repression introduced as part of structural adjustment and ‘economic reform’, but also the legitimacy of the reforms themselves and even, sometimes, the governments that introduced them. Many of these protests have frequently identified the international financial institutions and agencies efforts to further enmesh ‘the developing world’ and the ordinary people who live there, into the uneven process of capitalist globalisation in the interests of major transnational corporations and the states that gain most from their operations. We pay particular attention to the development of Islamist movements across the continent, how they have emerged out of and are shaped by popular contestation.

For now this debate will chart the incidents of protests, provide brief analysis and arguments on the dynamic of protests and host discussions on the meaning and shape of class struggle across the continent. We look particularly at how popular protest relates, shapes and is shaped by continental and international developments.

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Economic Trickery, Fraud and Crime in Africa

This debate is dedicated to the reporting about and analysis of two themes: first, economic fraud, trickery and crime, and, second, measures undertaken by state and non-state actors to address, counter and contain fraud and crime in the economy. The purpose is to have a platform for the regular exchange of up-to-date information, opinions and analysis about these important phenomena, covering all African countries. Economic fraud, trickery and crime project is coordinated by Jörg Wiegratz. We are looking forward to receiving your articles and contributions to this important debate and we welcome submissions for instance from NGOs, government officials, academics, transporters, detectives, private security professionals, journalists or students.

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