ROAPE: Editorial Working Group affiliates

The Review of African Political Economy is looking for two affiliates to join the journal’s Editorial Working Group (EWG) for a year starting from January 2021.

  • We are particularly interested in applications from activists in the African diaspora who have a passion and a focus on Africa’s politics, history, and economics.
  • We would also consider African nationals currently studying for a PhD in the social sciences or humanities with an interest in the journal’s academic and activist work. Preference will be given to applicants who will have finished their fieldwork by January 2021.

Obviously these two elements are not mutually exclusive.

The remit of the journal is as follows: ‘Since 1974, RoAPE has provided radical analysis of trends, issues and social processes in Africa, adopting a broadly materialist interpretation of change. It pays particular attention to the political economy of inequality, exploitation and oppression, and to struggles against them, whether driven by global forces or local ones (such as class, race, ethnicity and gender). It sustains a critical analysis of the nature of power and the state in Africa in the context of capitalist globalisation.’

The EWG is eager for the journal to engage with the new wave of global activism that has risen to meet the crises of the current moment and to find ways to connect struggles in Africa with those of the African diaspora. We hope that our new affiliates will take a leading role in helping us to connect with these important developments and bridge the gap between our academic analysis and the crucial work of activists on the ground.

The person appointed would get some first-hand knowledge of editing a journal and contributing to some of the tasks involved as part of the ROAPE collective. This will include writing, commissioning and editing contributions for our website,, which includes blogs, debates, conference reports and interviews among its content (we would be particularly enthusiastic to welcome an affiliate who is experienced with social media). Additional experience might also include contributing to other aspects of the journal’s work, for example, through book reviews, refereeing of articles, support for conferences and workshops, IT, social media and communications.

The journal hopes to gain a broader input, particularly from young people who are actively engaged in radical research and activism. They will have to commit to attending as many EWG meetings as possible and to taking on responsibilities. We also encourage affiliates to submit at least one substantial piece of work to the journal or website whilst they are in office (with support).

If you are interested in knowing more or in putting forward your name, please submit the following:

1) A statement on your reasons for wanting to become an affiliate (500 words max).

2) A CV, which should include:

    • your name and contact details
    • name and email address of your supervisor (if relevant)
    • your country of origin
    • area or topic of research
    • an account of any activist experience
    • any publications to date
    • experience in relevant fields (event organising, IT etc.)

The deadline for applications is the end of Friday 13 November 2020. If you have any questions, please contact the Chair of the Editorial Working Group, Hannah Cross. Applications should be returned to Hannah via email at

Featured Photograph: The prominent Scottish slave-owner Robert Milligan outside the Museum of London Docklands – the statute was removed on 9 June (Chris McKenna, 9 June 2020).


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