Voices from Dar: Interviews from ROAPE’s Workshop

At last month’s ROAPE Connections workshop in Dar es Salaam (16-17 April, 2018), activists and activist-scholars came together to discuss radical political economy and struggle in Africa. Over two days debates explored contemporary activism, resistance and research across the continent. 

The workshop was the second of three in Africa between 2017-2018. The first was held last year in Accra, Ghana (material, blogposts and videos from Accra can be found here). The third will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2018. The workshops link analysis and activism in contemporary Africa from the perspective of radical political economy.

Among the questions that were raised in Tanzania were the lessons that can be drawn from revolutionary historical transitions, including the Russian revolution, and the demise of colonialism in Africa. In what ways do economic crisis, land alienation and dispossession, unemployment and migration generate local resistance and what forms have resistance to the increased financialisation of globalisation taken? And what alternatives to (neoliberal) capitalist social and economic transformation are being debated in Africa?

In this blogpost roape.net publishes the first in a series of short interviews conducted at the workshop. We hope these posts will continue the discussions started in Accra and Dar and draw in other voices.

Interview with Brian Kamanzi


Interview with Peter Dwyer


Interview with Issa Shivji (and Peter Lawrence)


Interview with Trevor Ngwane


Interview with Sabatho Nyamsenda


Interview with Muthoni Wanyeki


Interview with Tina Mfangwa and Monika Shank


Interview with Noosim Naimasiah


Interview with Tamás Gerőcs


Interview with Norah Owaraga


Interview with Karl von Holdt


Interview with Simon Rakei


Interview with Godwin Murunga


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