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John Loxley: Radical economist and militant activist

John Loxley was a radical economist and a political activist. In a series of short eulogies by Issa Shivji, John Saul and Peter Lawrence, John is remembered as an extremely skilled and articulate radical economist and as an equally articulate and committed radical activist.

Never make peace with the enemy: remembering Kevin French

On International Workers' Day, ROAPE celebrates the life of activist and publisher Kevin French who died almost a year ago in South Africa. His life spanned decades of involvement in political struggles and reflected at its centre an activist who displayed immense integrity, commitment to working class struggle and the relentless ability to think critically and independently.

Running while others walked: Remembering Thandika Mkandawire

ROAPE’s Rama Salla Dieng interviews Adebayo Olukoshi on the life and work of Thandika Mkandawire. Olukoshi shares memories of how Thandika helped to shape development thinking in Africa and beyond.

Björn Beckman: Comrade, Researcher and Friend

Björn Beckman was one of the most influential Marxist scholars who worked in Nigeria where he was a lecturer in Ahmadu Bello University from 1978. His engagement with Nigeria and Africa lasted to the end. His contribution to radical movements and scholarship was immense. Jibrin Ibrahim and Tunde Zack-Williams celebrate a comrade, friend and scholar.

Mugabe’s Legacy: From ROAPE’s Archive

On Robert Mugabe’s death in an exclusive hospital in Singapore, ROAPE makes available some of the articles that we have published on Zimbabwe over the long period of his rule. Like much of the left, we celebrated the fall of the racist white minority regime in Rhodesia in 1980. In a special issue in 1980 we cheered on Mugabe’s party in the following terms: ‘Of all the political movements in Zimbabwe, ZANU-PF stands out as the most progressive and patriotic organisation fighting for the true interests of the labouring masses’.