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Webinar: Slavery, Colonialism & Black Lives Matter Movement Today

Join a conversation with activists and researchers from the US, Kenya and Britain on slavery, colonialism and Black Lives Matter, and the challenges and hopes for revolutionary change - Monday, 27 July, 8 pm Kenya / 6 pm UK / 1 pm EDT. The webinar is hosted by ROAPE, the Walter Rodney Foundation, Global South Research Consortium and the Afrosocialist & Socialists of Color Caucus of the Democratic Socialists of America.

African Economies, Societies and Natures in a Time of Covid-19

ROAPE’s Reginald Cline-Cole provides an analytically rigorous understanding of the differentiated spread and impact of Covid-19 around the world. In so doing he returns us to what ought to be our core concern: the political economy of uneven incorporation of African economies, societies and natures into the world economy.

A Year of Revolt

Last year a wave of militant protests spread across North Africa and West Asia, in a sustained, historic series of popular struggles. Emma Wilde Botta reviews A Region in Revolt: Mapping the Recent Uprisings in North Africa and West Asia edited by Jade Saab.

Reframing Politics – the multiple crises of our age

ROAPE believes that our times are radical, and we need to radicalise with them in theory and practice - we have been attempting to do this. We inform our readers and supporters that in order to return revived and refreshed to the struggles we have been covering, ROAPE will be pausing activities in August on journal production and the website and social media.

Unpicking Sudan’s Revolutionary Upheavals

On 22 June ROAPE hosted a webinar on Sudan’s revolutionary upheavels. There was a wide-ranging discussion on the revolutionary struggles in the country, and the current efforts of the transitional government. The full video of the e-meeting is now available.

Digitisation and Population Surveillance after Covid-19

ROAPE is hosting a webinar which is being jointly organised with Third World Network-Africa on the long-term implications of increasing digitisation and population surveillance in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Resistance in Africa: a workshop for activist-scholars

In an introduction to a special issue in ROAPE (free to access – see link below), based on our workshop in Johannesburg, Peter Dwyer argues that a radical academic journal must provide activists with a platform to get their stories and experience to a much wider audience. In the context of the economic crisis triggered by Covid-19, and an emerging global movement, this is more urgent than ever.  

‘We are with the hakuma’: a revolution on the asphalt

On 3 June 2019 there was a massacre of protestors camped around the headquarters of the Sudan Armed Forces in Khartoum - the protestors were attempting to reinvent politics for a world to come.  Magdi el Gizouli and Edward Thomas write about the dynamics of the Sudanese revolution and the need to delve beyond the asphalt of cities and towns.

Home in a Time of Covid

Ambreena Manji argues that we need a better understanding of home, labour and inequality in the pandemic and that feminist thought is central to a just future. Focusing on the Global South, she argues that women have borne the brunt of the violence directed towards the homes of working people.

Africa and the Pandemic: Clampdown, Survival and Resistance

Last week ROAPE and BIEA organised a webinar on the Covid-19 pandemic in Africa. Activists and researchers from around the continent discussed the impact of the measures taken against the coronavirus by the ruling classes. In this blogpost we introduce the full video recording of the meeting with all of the speakers, Tafadzwa Choto, Femi Aborisade, Gacheke Gachihi, Lena Anyuolo, Gyekye Tanoh and Heike Becker.