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In the coming weeks further contributions will be posted on to the lively debates that we have hosted, including the animated discussion between David Harvey and John Smith on the nature and meaning of contemporary imperialism. We have also recently republished a tribute to the great Caribbean historian of Africa, Walter Rodney, who was murdered on 13 June 1980 in Guyana. Horace Campbell in his short 1980 article concluded that, ‘Walter Rodney will live wherever and whenever men and women stand up to fight injustice, to declare their love of freedom and justice.’  Further posts on our project page will update readers on continued resistance and popular protest on the continent. Other blogposts include Abiodun Olamosu’s review of an important book on alternative futures and economic development in Nigeria, first published in 1975 and soon to appear in a new edition. While Dónal Ring continues the debate on on Rwanda’s development model and its disputed poverty rates. From ROAPE’s second workshop in Tanzania in April we have posted a range of blogposts and short interviews with participants – there is more to come.

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