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ROAPE Connections Workshop #2: Dar es Salaam

ROAPE Connections Workshop #2: Dar es Salaam

The second of ROAPE’s three workshops on radical transformation in Africa took place in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania (16-17 April). ROAPE is organising a series of three linked workshops across the African continent, with the main objective of bringing together progressive activists and researchers from the continent and the world, to look at the situation facing the left and progressive forces in Africa. The first workshop was held in Accra in November 2017 and the final one will take place in Johannesburg in 2018 (interviews, photos and blogposts from Accra can be accessed here). The Dar es Salaam workshop was organised under the auspices of the Julius Nyerere Resource Centre at the University of Dar es Salaam Convocation and ROAPE.

Over two days the discussions were exciting and productive, and concerned not simply with an academic analysis of what is happening on the ground, but informed by political and social activism and focused on what is to be done. The conversations included a wide-ranging debate on the changing nature of imperialism on the continent, the involvement of Chinese investment and American military action. Activists and researchers spoke at length on the impact of activism, the barriers to engagement and the influence of mass movements, labour struggles and revolutions.

In the coming weeks blogpost, videos and film footage from the Dar workshop will be published on We hope this material will allow us to continue the rich debates started in Dar (and Accra) on the transformation of the continent and the efforts of activists and socialists to shape its future.



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